CODE 12 | the signs


the 12 archetypes

the impulsive, ground breaking fiery Aries Mars (cardinal) is followed by the ground-locking earthly Taurus Venus (fix). after this comes the highly movable, communicative airy GEMINI Mercury (mutable), followed by the silent, highly sensitive aqueous Cancer Moon (cardinal), who surrenders purely to feeling and is focusing on building a home. the following fiery Leo Sun (fix) with a most strong aura is taking in the role of the boss of the whole, followed by the earthly Virgin Mercury (mutable), which relies on common sense and caution and who needs to understand. this is followed by the airy Libra Venus (cardinal) with the vague desire for partnership and longing for beauty and peace. the aqueous Scorpion-Pluto (fix), has a mandate to radically impose change based on a high level vision. the fiery Sagittarius-Jupiter (mutable) strives for expansion on that higher level and tries to understand the sense of life, whereas the earthy Capricorn-Saturn (cardinal) comes to the order of the whole and to the essentials. the airy Aquarius Uranus (fix) brings back movement, originality and individuality into play and breaks like with all the rules previously applicable. the aqueous  Pisces-Neptune (mutable) decides to flow through all boundaries seeking for transcendence – but only with the intention to restart the MASTERGAME with Aries at a higher level. And so in connection  with the four elemental layers (earth, fire, water, air) and through the three principals (cardinal, fixed, mutable) all comes back together into the circle of the whole with the goal of eternal WHOLENESS.